With superior performance technology, reliability and a high price tag, Mercedes-Benz vehicles require a certain level of care to keep them running smoothly for the long haul. To make sure everything is being done for your vehicle, here are six essential care tips for your Mercedes-Benz.

Always Follow the Service Schedule

Routine maintenance checks can often include oil changes, checking of fluid levels, inspecting tire wear, brake pad changes and more, all of which ensure that your Mercedes-Benz keeps performing with the highest efficiency possible. It also prevents the need for more expensive repairs later on.

Use an Authorized Mercedes-Benz Service Centres

When it’s time to have your car serviced, make sure you visit a dealership that specializes in Mercedes-Benz repairs for a wide selection of vehicle models. Authorized Mercedes-Benz service stations are also in-the-know about exclusive manufacturer-supplied information that other service stations might not know.

Regularly Check Your Oil

Your engine oil is there to lubricate the moving components within the engine, protecting them from excessive wear and tear. Outside of having your car serviced regularly, you should be checking your oil a minimum of once a week. When checking your oil, do it before starting the engine, while it’s still cool. For an accurate reading, make sure your Mercedes-Benz is parked on a flat surface.

And Your Coolant Levels

Coolant flows through the engine as it’s in motion, absorbing its heat throughout the combustion process. It’s pumped into the radiator to cool down again before circling back into the engine. Low coolant levels will result in your engine overheating, damaging several components within including the engine block, and the head gaskets.

Monitor Your Tire Pressure

Driving around with low tire pressure can impact your fuel mileage and create uneven wear and tear on your tires. To keep them in good condition, be sure to check the pressure every one or two weeks no matter what model you own. Remove the valve stem cap and place the gauge over the stem to check tire pressure and inspect the surface for potential hazards.

Wash Your Mercedes-Benz Regularly

Any collection of dirt, dust and other matter can dull the finish of your car while wearing away the paint’s top coating. If your Mercedes-Benz is in a climate with frequent snowfall or road salt, then the collection can lead to rusting under the body of the car. Washing it at least twice a month will remove all contaminants and leave your Benz looking brand new.

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