If you thought that water and weather damage of any sort was only limited to your home, you are way off. Weather can wreak havoc for your Mercedes-Benz. With a high amount of rainfall and freeze-thaw cycles, your luxury car is just as prone to water damage as your home. It is imperative to check signs of water damage regularly in your vehicle, given that we have already managed to accumulate significant rainfall this year. Rainfall and water percolation in your Mercedes-Benz can result in external and internal damages. Externally, you can expect your vehicle to lose its performance down the road, while internally if the water enters the cabin and seeps in, it can cause mold and bacteria inside your car making it a health hazard in the long term. If you suspect that your car may have damages, it is best to bring it to a local Mercedes-Benz mechanic for a thorough checkup. Early detection of water damages can save you a lot of roadside troubles and protect you from possible health hazards. 

There are some simple techniques to detect water damage in your vehicle even before you swing by your local Mercedes-Benz repair shop:

Visual Cues

Observe and inspect your vehicle especially the interiors. It is crucial to examine specifically the exposed unfinished metal components of your vehicle as they are more prone to water damage. These include components like metallic structures under your car seats. Check if they appear corroded or rusted. Make sure that you check around your vehicle doors, pedals, latches and under the dashboard for signs of water damage. You should also lookout for the appearance of any brittle wires under the dashboard and moisture beads in any of your vehicle’s lights.


Many water damages may not be apparently seen but are present in your vehicle’s surfaces. These specifically include damage to your car seats and carpet. To detect such damage, press the surface with your hand, washcloth or a simple tissue and see if you feel any dampness. Also, if any upholstery in your car looks like it is loose or stained, it can be a sign of water damage.


One of the most obvious ways of detecting water damage is smell. Your car interiors may appear to be seamless, but if you smell a peculiar musty, mildew scent when you’re inside the car, you are likely to have a mold problem. If ignored this problem can cause tremendous health hazards to you and your family members who use the car.

Water damage is normal and so is their treatment. Bring your luxury vehicle to your local Mercedes-Benz repair shop for a thorough examination and treatment of any water damage. Call Right Tech Auto today to get all your questions answered or to schedule a service call.